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Everything Bothering Me Right Now

  • Bryan’s not the one.
  • My body
  • Why I’m always the outsider
  • I need to work in a group.
  • Why do I always have to do all the work?
  • This is the first time in my life I do not have a plan.
  • I don’t know where I’ll be working - if I’ll get a job - where I’ll be living. I can’t live with my mom after, I can’t let my family down like that.
  • I make dumb mistakes in relationships.
  • How I always think I’m not good enough.
  • That I’m not good enough.
  • That the reason I don’t have someone willing to move the world for me could be because I’m not friendly, smart, hardworking, etc. enough.
  • That I’m in debt.
  • That I have no money.
  • And I’m working all the time.
  • That I don’t care.
  • That I don’t have a plan.
  • That I can’t do everything.
  • That I’m always fighting against something.
  • Why didn’t I network better/sooner?
  • I need to balance work, finding work, wellness and rest.
  • Bryan’s not the one.
  • Bryan’s not the one.
  • Bryan’s not the one.
  • And he’s coming here next week.
  • He hopes he will change my mind.
  • But I’m a sucker for affection.
  • That I don’t have any stamps.
  • That wanting to be on my own sounds like a terrible thing to do, and sounds terribly anti-social.
  • That I have to move somewhere soon…
  • That I don’t know when my BOLC date is.
  • That I still haven’t e-mailed Sandman.
  • That I have no more wine.
  • That I spent way more on gifts than was given to me/spent on me.
  • That I care about the above.
  • That I don’t have real snowboots.
  • That I hate leaving the house/it’s hard to go to work and school.
  • That my sewing kit came without needles and I still have holes in my pockets.
  • That I’m still awake.
  • I’m happy my grandparents sent me a Valentine. And $20.

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